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Meet Nathan

I am a passionate videographer that loves to tell people's stories.  I take my job very seriously, but I try to make it fun whenever I can :)

The following list represents my professional experience in the industry. For references or additional information about anything listed below, get in touch directly.

Hiking in David Thompson Country

Hiking Guide

Association of Canadian Mountain Guides

June 2012 - May 2018

I guided clients throughout the Canadian Rockies on day hikes and backpacking trips, as well as taught a variety of in-person skill-based courses to adults. I am very familiar with guidelines and procedures required for bringing groups into the outdoors.

2009 Grade 12 Camp

High School English & Outdoor Education

September 2003 - June 2022

After getting my bachelor's degree in Education I taught in three schools in Alberta, and have covered a variety of topics, but have mostly taught English and Outdoor Education. I have brought students regularly into the outdoors and I am comfortable working with young people and parents in a variety of outdoor situations. I have worked closely with students as they create their own videos and I love watching them discover their passion.


Large/Small Group Facilitator/Lead Videographer - FACES Education Summer Camp Program

April 2011 - Present

I have worked with the FACES program for many years, and have witnessed the impact it has had on young people over time.  Many former students have commented on how it has helped them to grow and develop into positive members of society, and through my work with FACES I have developed a passion for bringing people closer to nature. As the current lead videographer, I have the opportunity to mentor a variety of up-and-coming professionals hone their videography craft.



Outright Adventure Films

March 2019 - Present

While I have been making short films for years, I started to take it much more seriously at the start of the pandemic when my students were cut off from us as teachers and I felt a need to create content for them.  Since then, I have shot several weddings, started a few YouTube channels, and have shot music videos for clients, and I love it!  Making videos is the perfect blend of creativity, technical skill, hard work and ingenuity that drives me.

About Outright Adventure Films

My Videography Background

I started making films from the time my dad brought home a camera when I was 11 years old.  I learned quickly that I enjoyed capturing moments, and although my life took a different path over the years, I have returned to video creation many times in my life, and I take my role as a videographer very seriously. I will do my absolute best to capture the overall feel of your event, and often I have formed friendships with my clients that have allowed me to get to know precisely how they want their video to turn out.  I am always open to suggestions, and I don't mind it when my clients give me feedback to help me learn and grow.  

I currently reside in Lethbridge, Alberta, and I'm more than willing and able to travel to your location to shoot your next project.  Text or call me anytime to arrange a time to discuss your event or idea.  

What To Expect

A Quick Guide to Working With Nathan as a Videographer

I love getting to tell people's stories.  I get to know you, your tastes in music, fashion, art, etc and make it my goal to provide the best product to match your vision.  

One way you can help me to achieve my very best is to be willing to work with me.  For weddings, it really helps me if you and your partner could meet with me ahead of the ceremony, so that I can get to know you and get a sense of what you'd like to see.  It also helps if I can get some music you like to listen to, as well as a detailed itinerary of the event.  I have worked with many photographers in the past, and it would be great to get the photographer's name and contact info, to discuss logistics before the event.

Another thing that I prefer as a videographer is to capture people naturally, doing things they feel comfortable doing.  I may suggest certain poses and shots, but if it ever feels weird or unnatural, I back off.  I would much rather capture you and your partner enjoying being together naturally rather than force you to do uncomfortable poses that you'd never actually ever do together.  Having said that - if you want to be bossed around, I'll be bossy :)


What I Shoot With

As of now, I shoot primarily with Sony full-frame cameras, and whenever possible, in 4K.  All final videos are now ALWAYS delivered in 4K, but occasionally when I need exceptionally slow motion or if a camera was set incorrectly, it will be shot in 1080p, then upscaled to 4K. I have recently added the Sony A7Siii and the Sony FX3 to my camera arsenal, and I can record in 16 Bit 4:2:2 ProRes RAW, something I am excited to begin offering to clients.  As a licenced drone operator, I am able to offer drone footage from the DJI Mavic Pro 3 Cine version, which also shoots in ProRes RAW, as well as FPV drone footage when applicable. 

I edit on very fast, very expensive computers that can handle enormous files and still allow me to scroll through footage and create the best possible video for you.  Not all of the RAW footage will be usable on normal computers, but for those who want to try using it or viewing it (and have paid for access to the RAW footage) that is an available option.

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