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Elopement Films

Intimate, Personalized
& Professional

Not every wedding needs to be a massive party.  Eloping is a great choice, especially if you just want the wedding to be about you and your partner.  Filming the elopement is an even better idea, since the people you love will want to know all about it, and other than the photos you take, you won't have much to show for it.  

If you are thinking of hiring a videographer, having a plan for an elopement is an important step.  Although the idea of running away on a weekend to a faraway place without thinking it through sounds very romantic, it can very quickly turn into a nightmare!  Even some basic planning will go a long way.  

My style of videography is to be adaptable and open to opportunities, so I can usually adjust plans on the fly easily.  I also offer a variety of options for eloping couples, depending on what they would like.  I can produce a documentary-style video that follows your adventure and includes your vows and small ceremony, or if you'd prefer just the vows and ceremony, I can film whatever you want.  

Due to the nature of these types of films, a personal meet and greet is essential before booking.  I'll need to gather information and provide you with a quote that suits your needs. Book a free consult today and get the process started!

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