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Post-Wedding Films

Weddings are just the first step of many more to come!

Renew your vows.  Announce (and/or present) a new baby. Edit a travel video. Celebrate a milestone birthday. Remember a loved one.

There are so many kinds of videos that can be made! Each one is unique and specialized, and may require a patient and delicate touch.  These are videos that I love to make.  

As a video storyteller, my goal is to ensure that I get it right.  Each situation will be different, and my background as a teacher has prepared me for working with a wide array of personalities and preferences.  I'm more than willing to adapt to the situation, and my expertise is finding the right moments to use to tell the story in a way that everyone that watches them will feel connected to the story.

Due to the nature of these types of films, and because each one is so unique and  a personal or online meet and greet is essential before booking.  I'll need to gather information and provide you with a quote that suits your needs. Book a free consult today and get the process started!

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