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Videography Services

Creative solutions for any video needs.

Shooting video
Film Clapboard
Behind the Scenes

Custom Videography

Maybe you have a project in mind that doesn't fit any of these descriptions. I love it.  Schedule a meeting with me and let's figure out how to bring your video  to life!

Music Videos

Yup.  You heard right.  I LOVE the challenge of matching music to images, and I'd love to shoot your next music video.  Check out some of my samples here!  If you can dream it, I'll do my best to match your vision.

Custom Advertisements

Looking to begin a social media short video campaign?  Or maybe something longer?  We can help.  We'll work with you to create something that will get people's attention and get them asking questions about your products and services.

Location Videography

Need a video of your farm from a drone?  No problem!  Or a 360 degree video of a real estate property with voice overs? We've got it covered.  If the project is simple and doesn't require too much in the way of effects or editing, we offer budget-friendly options to get your business or property visible fast.


Prices are general.  Please contact us for a complete quote.



If you need me to come visit your location, meet somewhere to discuss ideas or would like to chat over Zoom or some other format, I can make it work!  If you are within 20 km of Lethbridge, Alberta, no additional charges for driving will be added.


For a maximum of 8 hours, I'll come to your location and shoot footage for the video we are creating.  No additional costs if the venue is within 20 km of Lethbridge, Alberta.

$500/day/5 - 8 hours



For simple videos such as drone shots of businesses, real estate videos or other kinds of very specific videos, or for quick, re-shoots of footage that will be added to existing footage.  After 5 hours this reverts to full day shooting prices (capped at 8 hours). No additional costs for venues within 20 km of Lethbridge, Alberta.


Flat fee of $200 for first hour, $100/hour afterwards.

I use very expensive, high-end computers to edit my videos, as well as a number of assets and stock audio that allow me to create Royalty-free, high quality videos. Most simple projects (little to no audio, very few cuts) take me an hour to edit & render, whereas videos that require audio and significant editing take much longer.  Based on your project, this estimate will be made by me.


See description

Applies only to venues beyond 20 km from Lethbridge, Alberta. 
0.75 cents per kilometre by car
$200/day accommodation & food
Airfare and any unforeseen travel related expenses to be covered by client.


Add 50% of the cost of the overall project

For clients that want nearly full autonomy over re-edits, musical choices, style and structure of the video.  This is for clients want to be able to make major changes to the structure of videos without incurring any additional costs.  No additional charges will be incurred on the project, and you'll be able to be have creative ownership over any choices made by our team on the project.  In addition, no re-editing costs will be incurred.


$25 per item

After editing and delivering a final product, there are bound to be small fixes needed - adjusting of titles, banners, names, logos, sound levels, among other things.  If the edit is easy and straightforward, and doesn't take longer than 15 minutes to fix, the cost is $25 per item.


$100 per hour

After editing and delivering a draft you require extensive re-editing (changing music, redoing colour grading, adding content, etc) that takes longer than 15 min to fix per item, I will revert to my editing schedule of $100 per hour.  Based on the feedback and scope of edits required, I will draft a proposed


For larger projects that require additional help, each videographer required on the shoot are billed out at $100 per hour.

$100 per hour


$200 flat fee, $100 hour beyond first hour

If you require me to provide a voiceover for your video, I can.  If you are not satisfied with my voiceover and require an alternate voiceover from an industry professional, I can provide you with options and recommendations - however, the charge for my work will still be applied.

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