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Engagement Films

Announce your date in a creative and exciting way!

Announce your date in the most epic way possible!  Start your adventure with an adventure.

When you've decided it is time to announce your date and whatever other details you have in mind (venue, itinerary, etc), a video is a fantastic way to do it.   Whether it is a short trailer or something even bigger, you'll have a lasting memory of your next step towards marriage. Take things a step further and turn your engagement film into an adventure!  I would love to take you both somewhere beautiful and epic where we can create the most incredible announcement.  I was once a Hiking Guide and I'm happy to take people into known areas that will potentially make for unbelievable experiences and backgrounds for the video. 

My style of videography is to be adaptable and open to opportunities, so I can usually adjust plans on the fly easily.  Depending on what you have in mind, I'll need to ensure that I can make the time to shoot the film, but as long as the three of us (and anyone else you want to come along) can make it work, I'll make sure we will produce a quality announcement that fits your budget and style.

Due to the nature of these types of films, a personal meet and greet is essential before booking.  I'll need to gather information and provide you with a quote that suits your needs. Book a free consult today and get the process started!

*LIMITED TIME OFFER* As I do not have any engagement videos yet, I need to build up some examples so that future clients have something to see. For two lucky couples that are willing to go for a bit of an adventure (hike), I am offering a completely FREE engagement video. Yup. This will only last until I have the two couples booked and the videos are edited and made public.  If you think you'd make a great model couple and would be willing to go on an adventure, let's get this started.

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