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Proposal Films

Surprise your partner or plan it out together.

Watch the Promo Video

With some sneaky coordination, a bit of planning, and an eye for seizing the moment, this video could possibly become your most prized possession.

One (or both) of you are ready to ask the question.  That's a big deal!  Way to go!  You're going to need courage and a good sense that it is the right choice, but you're almost there.  


I want to film it.  And if you want to remember it, you're going to want me to film it.


I've taught high school students for over 19 years.  I've worked at a summer camp for almost as long. I've coached some kids through monumental challenges, and I've learned two things from it.

One - I'm actually pretty good at helping people push through their anxiety.  And two - I'm even better at recognizing the moments in people's lives that really matter, and I love both hearing and telling those stories.  

When you reach out to me to film this moment, I'll be happy to shoot it, and yes - it will be a moment that the two of you will never forget.  But more importantly, I can also be a great coach and supporter from the sidelines. Not because I am getting paid  - because I genuinely care about people.  

There will always be some couples that already both know the proposal coming, and they would like to make it a bit more official.  I got you covered.  We'll set up and create (or re-create) the moment when you both committed to each other so that others can see it and re-live it with you.  

My style of videography is to be adaptable and open to opportunities, so I can usually adjust plans on the fly easily.  Depending on what you have in mind, I'll need to ensure that I can make the time to get the shots, but as long as the three of us (and anyone else you want to come along) can make it work, I'll make sure we will produce a quality announcement that fits your budget and style.

Due to the nature of these types of films, a personal or online meet and greet is essential before booking.  I'll need to gather information and provide you with a quote that suits your needs. Book a free consult today and get the process started!

*LIMITED TIME OFFER* As I do not have any proposal videos yet, I need to build up some examples so that future clients have something to see. For two lucky couples I am offering a completely FREE proposal video. Yup. This will only last until I have two videos edited and made public.  If you think you'd make a great model and you'd like to give it a try, let's get this started.

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