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Small group/Course Retreat

Targeted Learning

This style of retreat is for smaller groups, and can be customized towards your specific needs. Want to learn how to take photographs? No problem.  Interested in learning canoeing basics?  We can do that!  Check out our available retreat ideas below.


Available Retreats


Outdoor Skills Retreat

This style of retreat focuses on building skills in the outdoors, from canoeing on a lake, hiking, setting up a tent, building a fire, and much more.  While the focus is on outdoor skills, the group benefits from sharing in activities and will definitely connect with one another and nature as a result. Depending on the comfort level of your group, this style of retreat could be done as a tenting trip, or from local accommodations. For groups of 6 - 8.


Creativity Retreat

Photography, Writing, Drawing and Art - all are activities that are supported in this retreat.  As this style of retreat is often supported by some instruction, the group facilitators will be able to provide instruction and feedback to the group on a regular basis. The basic idea of the retreat is to engage with nature through creativity.  Check our schedule for specific types of creativity retreats.


Wellness Retreat

The focus of this style of retreat is to relax and unwind.  We will still engage in a variety of activities, but we'll spend time exploring ways to combat stress, and we'll have several experts on hand to help guide us through specific things we can do to tackle stress and work through it instead of avoid it.

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