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Outdoor Retreats

Connection is Key

Engaging with nature and others through outdoor activity is probably one of the most effective ways to learn skills and build connection. We offer a variety of ways to a variety of groups - from Corporate Groups to School Staff to Clubs, Teams and Small Businesses.

Retreat Options

These retreat options are some of what we offer. Click on the column for more details info.


Small group/Course Retreats

Group Travel

Large Group Retreats

Targeted for Learning


This style of retreat is for smaller groups, and can be customized towards your specific needs. Want to learn how to take photographs? No problem.  Interested in learning canoeing basics?  We can do that! Need a wellness retreat for your club or basketball team? We've got you covered.

Ideal for: Small businesses, Clubs, Teams

Connecting Everyone


Does your group have general needs, like reconnecting with one another or moving on from the past?  Our large group retreats are designed around the idea that everyone can find something to learn, and by interacting with one another through our planned activities, your group can find connection and collective growth.

Ideal for: Large businesses, School staff, Larger Teams

Group Hike

Professional Development Retreats

Designed for Efficiency


These aren't necessarily categorized as retreats, but are designed around the idea that people have limited time and specific things to address.  These nature retreats are best done locally, in your city's parks or river bottom.  We'll help connect your group to nature through a local hike or activity, and we can customize the experience around meeting a specific need that we can provide. 

Ideal for groups of ALL SIZES, but specifically caters to Teaching staff, Instructors and Professors

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